Are chameleons territorial?


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Ive got a chinese water dragon im going to buy a panther or a veiled chameleon soon but i was just wondering if i get two males (from the same litter) and put them in the same tank will they fight eachother?


very is an understatement ive got pics on one of my threads some where about a place i visited where they had two veiled together. Alot of bullying going on etc...
No illegal Cham Fighting Rings Please...:D
J/k ... There actually are very few adult repitles that can be housed together... Reason being in the wild you do not normally find mature reptiles living in communities and if they are doing this in the wild, then it is probably because they are fighting over the same resources, and they are most likely trying to kill eachother. In the wild they will come together to mate... then they will part ways. It is stressfull to keep them even within view of any other animals in captivity. Not to mention... they can seriously hurt/kill eachother in a fight that lasts only seconds if in the same cage and not being supervised. I even watch mine carefully when they are together to mate... Yesterday I had a male Veiled Become extremely aggresive with my Female, immediatly after mating, No doubt that idf he wanted to he could really mess her up. Not worth the risk... Hope that info helps.
Looks like u got some reading to do BEFORE you buy your cham. No you cannot house them together, they can't even see each other, not even the shadows of each other. If you didn't know this i am assuming you haven't done much research yet. My advice is to do a little more reading before you purchase one. I would hate to see you buy one only to have it perish because of bad husbandry. Chameleons can be tough to keep even if you do all the right things which it is so important to know how to keep them. If u look through this forum you will find tons of important info. Good luck.

Yeah, never put any 2 male lizards in the same cage, they will constantly fight and the tougher one may end up killing the littler one. Not to be rude but you need to really do some research before you buy a cham if you dont know this already
Buy two separate cages (separated by something OPAQUE or in separate rooms) or don't buy two chameleons. You should definitely do some research prior to even considering purchasing chameleons. Male chameleons kept in the same cage will likely kill one another. PLEASE explore these forums extensively before you get anywhere near a chameleon. I don't mean to sound rude, but that information is the most rudimentary in chameleon husbandry and there is MUCH more than that that you need to know to be successful at all in this hobby.
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