April 2012 Photo Contest

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April 2012 Photo Contest

Poll closed May 3, 2012.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Theme: Chameleons Shedding

    Chameleon Photo Contest
    :D April 2012
    view entries

    Win A Gift Certificate To: ... you choose :cool:

    Chameleons Only
    FL Chams
    Mist King
    Tortoise Supply
    Heroic Chameleons
    Chameleons Northwest
    Tiki Tiki Reptiles
    Great Lakes Hornworm
    LLL Reptile
    Chameleon Nation
    Ship Your Reptiles
    Mulberry Farms
    DIY Cages
    Eco Zone Vivarium
    Pangea Reptile
    Josh's Frogs
    Educational Science
    Chameleon Paradise
    Chroma Chameleons
    Light Your Reptiles
    Kilgour's Chameleons
    Repashy Superfoods
    Veiled Chameleon
    Avana Chameleon
    Digital Aquatics
    Herp Nation
    TSK Supply
    Reptile Super Show
    Aqua Zamp

    1st place: $50 gift certificate :eek:
    The winner of this contest may choose a gift certificate to one of the companies listed above. This should give the winner a nice choice of where to use their gift certificate. The certificate can not be split up and used at multiple places.

    How to enter the contest:
    contest entry deadline: April 17, 2012
    • To submit your photo, click here.
    • Fill out the form and click submit.
    • You are welcome to change your submitted image anytime before the submission deadline.

    Please view the contest rules before submitting a photo. Click here to access the contest rules. The contest rules have recently been updated.

    entry deadline: April 17
    voting: April 18 - April 30
    contest results will be announced on May 2 2012

    Please review the contest rules. The photo entry period will be extended if a minimum of 10 valid entries have not been received.

    The Chameleon Forums reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Please check this thread often if you are participating in the contest. Feel free to reply to this thread with questions if you have them.
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  2. Yoshi and Daredevil

    Yoshi and Daredevil New Member

    Oh darn... Both of mine just got done shedding last month T__T
  3. Redspacecase

    Redspacecase New Member

    hi there is the photo contest of chams shedding only? because i cant see it anywhere cheers
  4. DanSB

    DanSB Avid Member

  5. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Today is the last day to enter the April 2012 photo contest.
  6. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    We received many entries this month and as usual only a limited number of slots were available. Unfortunately, there were some great photos that did not make it to the final round of voting. If anyone would like to know how their photo could have ranked higher please send me a pm.
  7. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member


    Having a hard time deciding on your favorite?

    Slideshow: Click to view slideshow

    Comparing the original size of each image can help and is recommended. Photos should not only be judged by the chameleon displayed, but also on composition and image quality.
  8. Ulrich

    Ulrich New Member

    So many cool pictures. Nice selection. Thanks
  9. ferretinmyshoes

    ferretinmyshoes Veterinarian
    Staff Member

    Awesome pics! I love the pygmy shedding! It looks like he has a little cape. :) It's so hard to catch them in a good shed like that, they eat it so quickly afterwards that you miss it if you don't watch closely.
  10. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Oh wow - some good ones to choose from. I may not be able to vote for my own!
  11. Millerj0469

    Millerj0469 New Member

    Sorry noob question how do I vote?
  12. Tweaked tC

    Tweaked tC Member

    click the little bubble beside the pic and then click vote at the bottom of the pic column
  13. ferretinmyshoes

    ferretinmyshoes Veterinarian
    Staff Member

    You may not be able to vote as a junior member...I can't remember if that's the case or not.
  14. Moody Veil

    Moody Veil New Member

    I don't see a bubble/place to vote either (I'm also a jr member). I guess I can't vote :(
  15. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Correct, as a Junior member you are not yet able to participate in voting. Dont worry, doesnt take long to become a regular member.
  16. Moody Veil

    Moody Veil New Member

  17. Chameleonmaster

    Chameleonmaster Established Member

    It took me a little less than a month to become a regular member
  18. Hdale85

    Hdale85 New Member

    Darn :(

    I wanted to vote for this one!


    Looks like he's mocking or saying "hah" lol.
  19. TELBeast

    TELBeast New Member

    I have a huge issue

    I submitted a picture of my little guy shedding for the photo contest I was like the 3rd person to do it, and now the picture isn't in the selections???? what happened to the picture of my little itchy jean luc????? some one HELP!

    Attached Files:

  20. Hdale85

    Hdale85 New Member

    If you read the first post it said they only had a limited amount of spots.

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