anything in ohio

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monthly reptile show in Cleveland

This is where I got my veiled. :D It was mostly snakes, but there were 3-4 vendors selling chameleons.

All Cleveland Reptile Show and Sale:
U.A.W. Hall Local 1250
17250 Hummel Rd
Brookpark, Ohio 44142

2007 dates:
JAN 21, FEB 18, MAR 18, APR 15, MAY 06, JUN 03, JUL 15, AUG 05

hours 10am-4pm, admission is $4
yea thanks...for the info....I go to the columbus show every month to check out stuff.....there is a guy from georgia that always has a nice stock of things....a buddy of mine bought one from him 3 months ago...
on the topic of ohio,

anyone know of any cool reptile stores or anything like that around Cincinnati ?

I ask because I go there every year to visit my family, and I get real bored.
I live just outside of Cincinnati, and there aren't really any good reptile stores nearby. I do have a male ambanja for sale.. and some leopard geckos and a big ole male beardie if anyone in the area is interested. PM me or email me if you are - [email protected]

Cincinnati is more of a cat and dog city, I don't know why. Parts of Northern Kentucky have a few decent reptile shops, but as far as chameleons go it is really hit or miss. I wish there were way more around.. I would have a field day!
My friend here in Cleveland sells Chams. give him a call
(Full Spectrum Chameleons). Rick 216 346 4427 Tell him
Robin sent you.
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