anyone with live plants for sale?


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I am looking to buy some pothos, umbrella plants, and ficus for my panther. Anyone know of anyone selling/reccomendations for online purchase?
I wouldn't ship plants unless you absolutely have to. Especially ficus, as they tend to drop all their leaves with the slightest change or move. They'll even drop leaves if you move them down the hall! Have you tried Home Depot or Lowes? They usually get in a nice selection of pothos, ficus, etc this time of year. Some may need a bit of TLC, but they generally look really good. And they're cheap, too.

If you do buy them from a store like this, be sure to replant them in organic soil after washing them with a mild dish soap solution to remove pesticides and leaf shine products. It's usually safer to cover the dirt in the pot with river rocks as well, to keep you cham from ingesting anything he shouldn't.
I've got pothos. I only have a handful of rooted clippings, but they are very easy to root and grow.
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