anyone use suntex material


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Hi everyone,

I was just on site and was wondering about suntex material they have for cages. You really can't see thru it but it might be good to use on the sides and back of cage to keep in more humidity. What do you think? Don't know about the crickets eating thru it though.

I am actually using it on a cage I currently building. The kind I bought sells under the name "Phiefer". Got it at Home Depot, slightly more money the aluminum for the same size.

Not sure if it would help humidity or not. I would think that insects could chew through it if given enough time. I went with because it was about the same price, better size holes (at least for stuff I could buy in my area), it did seem a little darker and seemed flexible.

The cage I am using it on does have a solid top. Not necessarily something I like but with the species and design I think I can get away with it. I am not sure how this would hold up under a heat bulb. Maybe better to use aluminum for the top. It is polyester coated with vinly.

If the cage is well lit I do not think there will be a problem with good visibility. I have several sections done with screen on them now and I like it pretty good.
I have used it on a cage. It works pretty well, but it is hard to see through. I can also confirm that crickets can chew through it. They didn't chew through the screen on the cage... I used scraps of the screen to make a cricket box, and they chewed through it to escape, evil bugs that they are.

Hi Jordon,

I didn't use it on the top. I used a scrap of precious aluminum 1/8" screen. Wish I could find more of that. I just finished building some rack systems, and used pet screen on the top of it. Pet screen is really similar to the suntex stuff... and I can already say that I don't like it. I have found that it sags after it warms up, and I can't seem to use anything over a 40 watt bulb for basking or it burns holes. The 60 watt bulbs even burn holes when they are 6 or 8 inches away from the screen. The stuff has only been in use for a bit over a week, and I am going to take it off this weekend and switch over to aluminum screen on the top.

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