Anyone tried this Vet? Dr. Howard D. Martin DVM


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Well... I was browsing the databases for a vet to start a good relationship with. After Caddies hole caved while she was digging, I want to have her looked at to see if she may have swallowed large amounts of sand while trying to breathe, that and my newly acquired female Nosy has been closing her eyes while basking:eek: I am going to post a thread about my issue with her later... But I think the Vet is going to be the first thing I try with her since being newly acquired, and everything is as it should be here, the issue had to have come from her previous home, I noticed it right after I got her home... and it is only occasional, but getting more frequent. I came accross Dr. Howard D. Martin DVM here in Westlake Village, CA. The thing I like about him is he does housecalls for reptiles in order to take a look at the husbandry, to determine if that is part of the issue. Has anyone used this guy...Or even heard of him?
I wish I was close enough to Dr. Greek to drive out to Rancho Cucamunga everytime... But with all the animals I have, I would love to have a dependable vet that does house calls.

Ive never used that vet...but he sounds good ( because he does housecalls and all). I personally used Dr.Greek and he's a good vet.
I have heard nothing but great things about Dr. Greek.. But it is like a 2 hour drive for me... I need something a little bit closer, gas would be more expenxsive than the visit. I really like the idea that this guy does house calls ... But I also read a review from someone that said they wouldn't recommend him for small breed Chams like Brevs...:confused: That doesn't make me feel comfortable... Even though I don't currentyl keep Brevs, They are Chams.
I would think it would be hard for the vet to check Brev's being small and all? I know there are alot of forum members in your area maybe you should ask them where they go? I dont remember there username though. There are a lot of vets out there there is another one thats down the street from me that treats reptiles.
Okay... Just had a discussion with this Vet on the phone... And I am not sure what I think. He said that "Closing the eyes during the day, by itself doesn't worry me." Hmmm... That's funny CAUSE IT WORRIES THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!

I mentioned the eye problem and he asked me about her eating habits. And told me to get her out in some natural sunlight for a couple of days to see if that helps her eyes. I asked about Vit A, and he said that it is present in all foods , including her crix and worms, that she eats and that it shouldn't be the issue. He said stay away from Terramycin, and maybe try to use somekind of Salene Soultion to rinse out the eyes, and continue to mist her... Welp... My time may have come to fill out the questionare... I'm gonna fill out as much info for her current setup and her old setup. It just stinks because her boyfriend is coming in the morning! Can't wait to hear what you guys think.
I think he gave you decent advice. Is she being more lethargic than usual? I agree that sunlight would likely be better on her eyes. Also, I believe there are different "schools of thought" when it comes to the Vitamin A issue. Some say providing feeders with natural vit a sources is enough, some say preformed sources are the only way to be sure. I give the tiniest bit of preformed each month just to be sure, but I have no way of knowing whether or not it actually works. I think it's a good thing that he told you to stay away from antibiotics, because there is no confirmed infection or any signs of such from your descriptions. Saline solution would be gentle enough and if all she needs is a good eye cleaning, saline and warm water showers should do the trick. If the symptoms get worse or persist after gently and thoroughly cleaning her eyes, extra steps can be taken. It seems like he was just giving you some preliminary steps to discover the seriousness of the problem. I know I get over-worried sometimes... about ANYTHING lol.

I got my chameleon in late december, and just a week or two afterwards, I started noticing signs of lethargy coupled with eyes closing (not just in the basking spot), and very shortly thereafter a refusal to eat. At the same time, he had dysecdysis, and his shed took at least 2 weeks to completely slough off. I think that's one reason he wouldn't eat. In any case, it scared the living bejeezus out of me because he was only a few months old, and I wasn't sure he had the ability to survive a starving ordeal at a young age. I think it has delayed his development, at least by a month. In any case, I guess what I'm trying to say (although I've taken a roundabout way to do it) is that if extra misting and sunlight and saline doesn't improve her condition by tomorrow, then you should get a full-on exam for her. And the vet sounds sensible, although that can be hard to say definitively.
I personally wouldn't go there just cuz I don't agree with some of the things he/she said.

I figured if I have to pay $$ to go to a vet, I might as well go all out and go to one that has a lot of experience with chams even if it means driving 1 1/2 hrs in traffic.

I go to Dr. Greek eventhough it sucks to drive there.

Seems like I only have to drive that one time cuz my cham is getting sooo much better with his URI!!

The thing with vets that have limited experience with chams is they might end up misdiagnosing (?) more or giving the wrong meds then you'd end up going back & forth, paying more.. etc.. just my 1 cent :D

But if you do decide to go, lemme know how it turns out so I can go there too! LOL.. you be the guinea pig though.. just kidding!
I saw Dr.Greek for the first time about 3 months ago when one of my chams had eye problems.I thought it might be something serious so I got him a full exam. I knew it was going to be about $100...but better be safe then sorry right? I did purchase him from a second hand source, who purchased him from a reputable breeder. He told me he wasn't getting misted often there.He went ahead and washed his eyes with saline...he also gave me "gentiamicin (spelling?) and told me I could buy "terramycin" and It would help. It was weird...because he toached his eye to show me, and he wouldn't blink them:confused: He also told me the "the kammers are known not to have eye problems because they have misting systems that come on a few times a day". He also mentioned during the misting you should see your cham cleaning out there eyes, as they do in the wild. I brought him home and it was the same thing even after the drops. I started putting him outside (in a shady spot for a few weeks know and I noticed he improved a lot. He doesnt close his eyes anymore, hes still outside,and he's eating like a champ and just finished a shed. I dont have enought time now to mist my cages well... I just perchased a herpmist (THANKS JASON!!) and it should be coming tomorrow...just to avoid future problems and to make shure my chams are well hydrated:D I feel you though...I got scared when his eyes where closing I thought it migh be something serious:eek:


P.S I didn't feel bad after I spent $100 for the visit, I was happy my cham was OK :)

I wish I was close enough to Dr. Greek to drive out to Rancho Cucamunga everytime... But with all the animals I have, I would love to have a dependable vet that does house calls.


I didn't know that Dr.Greek is in Rancho.
Did he move already? The last time i visit him is in Diamond Bar hospital.
That is a bit closer to you, i think (mind you it still about 1.5 hours drive).

I believe he is planning to move to anaheim soon to open his own clinic :(
That one is going to be far from my place.
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