anyone know someone who sells cham eggs?


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I have incubator and pleny of cages, I was wondering if anyone knows breeders or indivisuals that are willing to sell there eggs? Most frown due to shipping however, I understand. I am also looking for new born from private clutch's. If anyone is expecting soon and are parting with there babies, please post here.
We are breeders, and would never consider to sell eggs. We, ourselves, tried this several years ago - before we knew better. We purchased some eggs and ended up with a huge loss.

Chameleon eggs are a mysterious thing. Rarely does a female lay 20 eggs, and all 20 are fertile and hatch. It happens - don't get me wrong - but there are also many things that can go wrong.

We have seen eggs hatch from 3 months to 1 yr - 5 weeks. We have seen perfectly normal looking eggs not hatch. We have opened some of those eggs to find perfectly formed babies that did not break out of their shell. Why? The factors to consider are numerous.

We have the following kinds of egg-laying chams: pygmy (3 sp); veiled; panthers; dilepsis; quadricornis; deremensis; melleri. We have had live bearers too.

Bottom line - you cannot ship the eggs after a very short time once they have been layed by the female. The turning will drown the embryo. Even if you hand carry the eggs - you never know how many will hatch out of a clutch. Of those that do hatch, you don't know how many will survive the first weeks. Losses for young chameleons is highest in the first 8-12 weeks of life. They can drop over without warning. They can also just never eat and waste away slowly.

Purchasing eggs may sound like a good deal - but how much do you pay for them? Surely not as much as 8+ week old babies.... :confused:

Food for thought.
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I checked out your site but, had no luck with any links or tabs. I was wondering if you sell chams and if I could see avaliblility list and prices as well.
Cham Freak - our site is being rebuilt currently. We branched out from just chameleons to other herps and feeders, so we badly needed to revamp the site. When finished, I will let you know.

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