Anyone know of a place to buy pinhead crickets?


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does anyone know of a place to order pinhead crickets other than mon-wen? I just got a order of 2000 crickets and they are all dead. I've looked around to find another co that could overnite me somemore but they all seem to only deliver mon-wen...My babies are hungry...
I have 3 colonies that they already went can try to get more although most pet stores don't sell them in colonies but in the little vials only...Grrrrrr...I don't know what to do now.
If you have wild fruitflys in your home, then just add a slice of orange to the bottom of each tub the babys are in. And dab a few chunks of banana to the branches and vines that the babies walk on.

If not, then call up ghanns and beg for heat packs with your order on monday for overnight delivery.

Mantids also work for then if you have any.

Or you can drive down to me. I have plenty of fruitflys, both mels and hydeis that I can spare.

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