anyone know any good chameleon websites


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I'm interested in getting another chameleon but i'm not too sure which website would be the best so i am just asking anyone out ther if they know of a good chameleon breeding website. I'm not interested in panthers unless ther about a hundred bucks cause i don't want to spend an arm an a leg on a chameleon with all of the other reptiles i have (dont get me wrong ther beautiful and im sure at some point i will hav one but that is not now).
There are several Breeder out there, mostly breed Panther. But, the do carry some other species like Veiled, Jackson, Pygmies, Fishers, Carpet, Spiny, Warthy Chameleon. Just look around! Below are the links of websites where I get my chameleon from:
(Pams only carry Panther right now)

There is a post on Kingsnakes Classified. A guy from NY is selling his 3 month old NosyBe Panther for $115 + Shipping is the link...hope this works!
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