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I just bought some flowers to brighten up the cage and surrounding area. (My chameleon gets to roam his own room that is seldom used, but I keep a close eye on him.) I'm wondering if any of you have any knowledge or experience with the following plants. I started doing some research online, but I figure this forum is also a good idea, since you all own chameleons! =)

African Violets, Cyclamen, Reiger Begonia, Oxalis Triangularis (Purple Shamrock), Pansy (delta true blue and delta violet w/face), and Viola (penny yellow).

I'm just looking for anyone else's experience. Some websites say all kinds of ivy are toxic to animals, but I've never had a problem.
pansies and violets are fine. They are actually used in salads in some restaurants. begonia and african violet are OK, too. oxalis and cyclamen I would steer clear of - not poisonous per se, but can be an irritant to mucous membranes.

If you look at the other recent plant post I listed some good links and a hint for quick searching plant toxicity ;)
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