Anyone know about egg re-growth please ?


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Hi guys,
I just wondered if anyone has experience of egg re-growth in a speyed veiled chameleon ? Gizzy is now a year down the road after her op, but she seems to have been a bit off lately, she has also put on a ludicrous amount of weight and today weighed in at 246g. There haven`t been any gravid colours, but she has been darker and spotty for about a week now and just isn`t interested in moving around much.

I guess what i really need to know is what the prognosis is and the likelyhood of her making it through a second op ? We go to the vet tomorrow lunchtime and i want to be prepared. I just want to make the best decisions for my little girl and not put her through any uneccessary suffering. :(
If she was "fixed" then she shouldn't have the organs to be able to produce eggs. Do chameleons go through a pseudo-pregnancies?
The vet did say at the time that it is rare for re-growth to occur and they have no explanation as to why it happens other than perhaps some egg or tissue missed during the op regenerating. He did warn us that should it occur she obviously has no tubes for the eggs to sit in so it would be very serious :(
I am just praying that is not the problem, but she does look rather lumpy in her tummy.
This just can't happen to her after all that she has been through already. I sure hope there is another explanation. Please let us know what the vet says.
Thanks Laurie - we are praying that she will be okay, she so deserves to be painfree and happy after all she`s been through.

The is quite concerned that Gizzy has a very strange lumpy tummy, but could feel faeces rather than eggs - thank heavens. He weighed her again and she is now 259g compared to yesterdays 246g :confused: He said thinks it is most likely to be another impaction as her whole tummy is solid and she has had the odd issue since her surgery. As a last resort she needs to have lactulose and critical care formula for the next 4-5 days, if that fails to help then it looks like surgery will be the only option, we would then also be able to rule out eggs for definite. :( Fingers crossed.
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