Anyone in the Okanagan, B.C. (Canada) area?.....


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I might have posted this in the Lizard Lounge forum, but no harm done. :)
There are several of us from BC on here. Not sure how many in the Okanagan. I'm on Vancouver Island myself.

what sort of chameleon do you have?


Darla Marie Pelan

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Nice, i hear those have the most colours no?

I hope to meet someone who has a cham, it would be nice to talk knowledge, quirks and what not.

Have a good long weekend, nice and sunny here in the Okanagan (for now).


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I like the colours of panthers for sure
but everyone will have their own opinion about what is the "most" colourful :)

Lots of people on here to chat with about chameleons. And you're welcome to contact me by private message anytime :)
You can also try the BC Reptile Club.
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