Anyone Going? ReptileExpo 4/17/11


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I'm going just to pick up supply as for Chameleon not much variety but I always looking forward see screameleon great looking panthers ..:D
i will be there. there are a few that have chams screameleons being the best. Always someone there with WC pygmies. there was somone there with wiedersheimi last time. If they still have him I will probably pick him up


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Looks like fun if I were visiting Utica (family there) I would defiantly be there, but unfortunately not this time :(. Hope all that go have a great time and pleasant experience. :)

Mr Wilson

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I'll be going. It's a great expo for feeders and supplies, there's an "ok" amount of chams mainly velieds. Screameleons and one or two others will have a variety. It's mostly geckos, snakes, and supplies. It does get pretty crowded and the people there can be assholes but what do you expect from NY (ayyy ohh eyy :D) Word of advise go early if you looking for the good stuff, or go later if your looking for the deals, just stay away from the mid day rush


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im going i hope they have rare chameleon species because one of my female jacksons just died today :( im looking for Trioceros Hoehnelli their just in my mind
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