anyone elses chameleon like this?


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pascal seems to like having his chin stroked
he's 3 months old, i pick him out every day when he lets me (lets me = doesnt run away the second i open the flex) and usually he'll hiss a few times, less hisses recently, he's getting used to me, but i found that by stroking his chin, he shuts up sharpish, coils up his tail and just sits there for a while. pretty happily.
anyone else find this?
he's getting a lot more social, doesnt mind me as much as he used to, it's just taking time, i know you're not supposed to handle them as much as i do, but he had eye drops 3 times a day for a week and a half so i figured he would be ok with once every 1 or 2 days, and if he obviously really isnt interested then i wont chase him around until ive got him. he definitely doesnt like me going near his tail, back,m casque etc, which i assume is normal as it is threatening behaviour to him.
so yeah, anybody else got a chameleon that likes having his chin tickled?


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awwwwwwww thats sweet, pascal isnt that responsive, he just sits there, looks pissed, but less pissed than normal, an doesnt run around hissing like a mad cat.


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I'm not sure if she likes it, or merely tolerates it. I rarely get hissed at any more when I'm touching her because I'm often in there prying her hind claws out of her forelegs or belly. Once I get her sorted out and all four sets of toes on a branch, I can rub her chin, or the corner of her mouth, and she shuts her eyes and stays put. If she colors up, I stop.

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Mine does too! I first got really excited then I realize is probably because he was getting hitchy before a shed.. He strokes his chin on the branches too..:-(
But I keep lying to myself .."he loooves me so much, look at him enjoying a good stroke there!..not!" lol


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when clair get "puffed up" if i pet her chin and back she not only de puff but after a few minutes she will relax and start to show pritty colors + start to fall alseep :) shes only nice when shes getting my undived attention. lol. :rolleyes::D


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awww, you guys have sweet chameleons, pascal is still too small for me to completely rule out if he is too frightened to move, when do they stop being frightened and learn to be grumpy instead? cus he looks grumpy all the time, rather than running away, hell just glare at me until i go instead.
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