Anybody use the "official" chameleon operating system instead of smac or windblows?


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Anyone else use OpenSuse Linux besides myself?

Just curious- I've been using ubuntu, and tried opensuse a couple of years ago and didn't care for it so much then, but am really enjoying the latest opensuse 11.4 release. Very fast with the kernel speedups that came out earlier this year for linux, very stable, very solid and everything working awesomely. I'm not a big fan of mac or microsoft and really enjoy the community spirit of open source solutions, and the ease of use and maintenance. Not to mention it is free and so is all the software.

The funny thing is the chameleon mascot attracted me- if it weren't for that, I probably never would have checked it out.

My current wallpaper from the official suse website features a veiled chameleon with a little graphic trickery:

The color is a little odd but it fits really nicely with black window borders.

Anyway, just curious if I'm the only fan of this operating system with the chameleon mascot.
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I use Windows Vista, I built my computer and next to never have any issues with crashing (it runs pretty much 24/7).
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