Anybody ride a Unicyle?


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Hi, I am wondering if anyone on these forums rides a unicycle. I am very fascinated by them and plan on getting one as soon as spring comes. Is it hard? what do you like about it? I know that my old classmate, who in 8th grade unicycled, sadly he is no longer here. (R.I.P. C.A.H.). He was amazing at it and it made me want to ride one so much! So if anyone on the forums has one post it here! videos or pictures! :) i google'd some and I found some neat ones! So Thanks Zac
yeah i have one i have had for about 16 years. I have tried and tried and never i repeat never have been able to ride that dang thang. LOL, it is the only thing i could never master so yes it is hard. JMHO. Heck i could take my Ninja 636 and ride it on the back wheel for a 1/4 mile within the first week of ever getting on a motorcycle, but that dang unicycle kicks my butt.:D
uhhhh i dont know about yall but that was no little girl. had to be a freaking alien. geez what talent some ppl have.
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