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My roomated Veiled Chameleon, Anikin, is about 8 months old. Over the past few days I've noticed a rapid change in him. Mainly, that his veil has collapsed. He seems very week, and having trouble using his tongue. He is seeminly just skin and bones. His front legs are bowed and weak, but his hind legs are still very capable.His crickets are alwas dusted with calcium and gets plenty of water. I am extremely worried that we may lose him.


What kind of light do you use? What kind of supplement are you using and how often exactly, because over supplementing can be bad too? Whats your set up and any more details you can give? Also, are those pictures current?
If a chameleon is collapsing like that, it looks to me that he may have Metabolic Bone Disease. Look at his legs. There should be one sharp bend in his leg. Notice how skinny the top part of his leg is and how it gets more swollend towards the bottom. Some Calcium supplements are useless. I would try Repcal Calcium w/ D3 also use a Reptisun 10.0. (UVA and UVB) Veileds grow at such a rapid pace if you don't provide these two things their bodies weaken like you're seeing. Does his legs seem like rubber? sells liquid calcium for Gravid Females. You may consider that as I have seen that pull many MBD victims out of it. You really should consult a vet on dosage though.

I sincerely hope you're chameleon will pull out of this.

Good Luck!
I agree with FL Chams. Your chameleon is suffering from MBD. If the condition is not treated immediately, the chameleon will most likely not make it. You can check this link for [THREAD=67]information on finding a veterinarian[/THREAD] if needed.
Even I can see it

I'm new to this, but I can see where his leg is bent in a spot it shouldn't be. Aren't chameleons legs basically straight except where the joints are? Tara
Yes, the curved look is caused by the bone fracturing. It will look like they have more joints then they should.
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