any plant suggestions?


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Hi everybody!

I finally noticed that my cham's cage isn't full enough:( ! I'm planning to pick up a plant this weekend and wanted to know if you guys could name me a bunch of plants that are easy to maintain and that my veiled cham can enjoy (besides those mentioned on the plant species list on this site) to give me some options. I'd like something big enough for my 30X16.5X30 inches screen terrarium. I can water it as munch as it needs, but it has to be ok with just my UV (3%+ UVB and 7%+ UVA) light since there's not much sunlight in my room.

I'm just a newbie so any help would be appreciated!;)
Thanks! :D
Thanks for answering! I'll definitely check that out!

Anybody have any other plants they would recommend?
Nice! Well I should find at least one of those this weekend.
Thanks for the link Stuey!
new cage in works... - help

well after looking at other peoples cages . i have realized that mine needs some help . i have 2 fake plants in mine . bunch of branches and one real plant... there is not much plants at the top of the cage . cause i can't get them to hang from the top... i dunno . i need some suggestions...
Lenny's cage make-over

Well after seeing everybody's cage setups I've realized that Lenny's cage was pretty pathetic. So I've added a pothos plant, a bamboo stick and rearranged his vines. Seems to really make a difference! what you guys think?



Now it went from pathetic to mediocre ;)
yeah it's a definite home improvement. I'm ashamed of how empty it was...times like these I wish I've known about this site before I bought Lenny.
what plant is that? im getting stuey a bigger cage for christmass, he needs one, and im gonna get some plants, also how should i put in feeding cup?
It's a Pothos Marble Queen (Scindapsus Aureus)...It's pretty good because it has alot of relatively strong vines and will creep up the piece of wood I put in there. As for the cup, I use to put it on the floor until I read from some threads that it's better higher up. I just let it hang mid-way around a vine but it hasnt been tested yet because Lenny will only eat crickets out of a feeding cup and right now his in a worm cycle. Thanks again for the was a big help.
I would try to go with even more coverage. The plant I am using is a schefferella abricola. It is safe for them to eat and veileds will eat vegetation among other species. These two were in the 3'+ range and sold for $13 each. With the potting soil it was about $20. I just reused the pot they were in. Since you have a smaller cage you would need a smaller plant and it would cost less.


He is in the picture if anyone can spot him. Kind of like where is Waldo.
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