any minute she could die

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shes been digging for 8 days and has laid no eggs, she looks tired but she was still digging into the new egg chamber.
i have already accepted the fact that she could probably die at any minute , i could walk up there to a dead animal, but i also am holding on to hope that she don't die ,because she has some xtra calcium ,her crickets are feed high calcium food and dusted everyday.

i can maybe save her if she lays the eggs and has enough strength left to perch in her cage without falling etc.
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im not checking much,i only checked once since i put her in the new laying chamber.its just its been 8 days of digging and shes has not been eating like she usually does. and i got at least 3 things could be killing her,
1. dehydration
2. exhaustion
3. low calcium level

and then theres the egg binding thing. when i checked her earlier she was sprawled out at the top of the new tunnel she is making in the new chamber. she had half her body in the tunnel and her head and arms sprawled out across the dirt , she was alive though,might a been taken a rest. i have electrolize to re-hydrate her, then i have neo calcium(which i have not used yet) then she can relax in her cage. im hoping this will be the scenario.
wow that was a close call, she laid her eggs ,today when i went up to check her she looked like the eggs were gone ,i put her in her big cage and where the eggs were she looked light, there was some wrinkles were her eggs where. i carefully dug for the eggs and got to them , there are 48 eggs .
she looks ok , shes tired but shes moving around ,she went up to perch so i sprayed her and her cage. i am gonna put some pictures in the gallery.
i am so happy
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That's good news. Right now however, is the most crucial time for her. Offer her PLENTY of water and some high calorie insects. I'd hold off on the NeoCalGlucon, unless advised by a vet. Calcium deficiency isn't the issue at hand here, it's more of a physical exhaution/exhertion thing. Just keep her hydrated, dust a few insects with vitamins and try and keep her stress levels down by giving her space. Good luck.
i was thinking of waiting on the neocalcium because she don't seem too bad .
i think she gets more calcium then i know,because the crickets are feed with esu calcium food and fluker high calcium drink,im thinking that her calcium level will be ok.
i did supply water right away, i sprayed her to get the dirt off her,then about a hr. later she got a nice misting then i started the dripper,im gonna run this dripper more then i usually do, im going to mist her a little more then usual.

she has a healthy look to her right now,when i misted her she had the look like shes healthy, and liking the water.
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