Any Members Selling Dubia Roach Colonies?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Synapse, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Synapse

    Synapse Member

    Anyone selling dubia roach colonies? I would rather buy from a member or sponsor from this forum. :D
  2. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    I actually started a colony a couple of months ago, and my chameleons won't eat them! I am also in NJ. Where in NJ are you? I am in Closter. Pm me :)
  3. JohnnyD

    JohnnyD New Member

    I have some. I'll PM you.
  4. nickvincent

    nickvincent New Member

    i need some!!!!!
  5. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    Gang you have to check our classified's we sell and have everything. Most food items are offered so some member.
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