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I have a 2x2x5 cage for my chameleon, he loves it in there. he eats about 10-15 crickets a day. every year about this time our house gets ants roaming around in certain area of our house, i was in my chameleons cage cleaning it and i noticed a few ants.
my question is can he eat the ants, will he eat them, and are they harmful?
they are the just normal six legged black ants.

most likely he will not eat them... baby chams will often pick a few off..if the ants dont get them first. but you have to nip it in the but.. get rid of them... the ants are looking for a new home.. if they start to colinize in hit cages plant you could have a big mess.. the ants can also attack the cham while he is sleeping.. enough ant bites and stings to his eyes and mouth can kill him.. i suggest saopy water..just get rid of the ants as soon as you can.. good luck..
ok thank you, I will rip everything out of his cage tomorrow and clean it all.
Im not to worried about the ants colonizing in his cage since all the plants are fake., except for the branches.
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