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Sorry to post another thread on humidity, but I have 4 chams right now, all in the same room but with seperate enclosures. I have been having a little bit of a problem keeping the humidity up despite two or three mistings a day and was wondering if I would do better to purchase a room humidifier and place it somewhere near the center of the room or if should purchase something like this:

for each of their enclosures.. of course the first option would be much more cost effective, but I am willing to go with either one..

any opinions?
I think it's better to use room humidifier and increase the humidity of the hole room.I think it' cheaper too...But it will work out well only if you have chams that need similar humidity.
Howdy Cherron,

That little humidifier might work well enough in a car but it only holds a few ounces of water! You want one that holds more than a gallon. Costco had a model on the shelf last week that looked interesting. It was around $40-$50. You don't have to spend more than around $40 to get something that will work for a single room. There are various ways that humidifiers produce humidity. The one that I have has a "wick system" where it blows air through a wet filter-like material. It has a built-in humidity sensor and turns on only when it needs to bring up the humidity level. If I was going to buy another one, I'd skip the type like mine that needs the wick material replaced at least once a year...:(. But definitely get one that has a built-in humidity sensor so that you can set it and forget it. The larger the water capacity (3 gal is nice) the longer between refills. Check-out your local big box stores including Wal-Mart, Costco etc.
Just remember when using a humidifier, you must be diligent about keeping it clean and sterilized!!!
They can become a problem rather than a solution if allowed to go too long without cleaning.

so if i use that humidifier can i hook up a piece of pvc pipe or pool hose for that matter and direct it to my cages
Hey how do you clean a humidifier? I remember a few of ya'll sayin Lemon juice and vinegar can get hardwater stains off, well my humidifier (one of em) almost doesn't put anything out because its got so much on it. Can you run lemon juice with your water to clean it.. ?

I use those 10 dollar vicks humidifiers and they've worked out very well besides the hardwater problem.
I would focus on room humdity since it will be easier to keep clean (you will need to clean the tubing as well if you plumb to the cages). And since you have multiple cages then I really suggest the room humdifier. Plumbing all those cages will be a lot of work and I doubt one humidifer will have the output necessary to push the mist to all the cages.

Lowes has a room humdifier (wick type) which has a wick that you dont need to replace. I beleive the brand is Hunter. I had one and liked it, but I dropped the tank on accident and busted it.

I would clean a humidifier using a 10 percent bleach solution (90% water and 10% bleach) at least twice a month.
Fill it with this solution after scrubbing it down and scrub again. Then rinse and rinse and rinse. Fill it with clean water and cycle it through. Then rinse and fill to use.

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