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We are still researching Panthers. And love all of them but are especially drawn to the Ankaramy. Then of course I am reading they are the most fragile of the Panthers. :confused: Anyone have experience to share with these beauties? Are they more fragile because they are smaller?:confused: Or if we look for a sub-adult vs a juvie may we have more luck? thank you...
Can't really tell you anything from a personal point of view since I have never had Anakaramy panther chameleons.

Here is a breeder's aware that I know nothing about this person though....

Other information...
"Ankaramy: This morph, known as "pink pather," is found in rolling hills near the village of Ankaramy on the northwest coast of Madagascar , about 35 miles north of Ambanja. Males when in an excited state exhibit a beautiful pink coloration with a yellowish-white lateral line at mid body. This morph has a slightly elevated casque (compared to Nosy Be morph) and the 70 dorsal spines are large but narrow. Another distinguishing characteristic is the heterogenous scalation with enlarged scales within the mid body lateral stripe. In non-stress colors the males always have the upper edges of the casque and rostral projection colored in a very light blue. Pink morphs are less abundant in disturbed agricultural and suburban areas than other pardalis morphs preferring less disturbed habitats. Eggs and hatchlings are smaller than other pardalis morphs. The smaller hatchlings demand more attention and are more difficult to raise than the other panther local babies. The climate of the this panthers habitat is very similar to that of Ambanja. (Olaf Pronk, personal communication)."

I found a couple of other sites that were in French but they didn't give any information about the difficulties, etc. in raising or incubating, etc. so I didn't post them here.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Kinyonga. Thank you. :D You are very helpful. I appreciate the resources you listed. In the books I have read they offer minimal explanation as compared to the Nosey Be locale. I am awaiting replies from a few breeders I have directly contacted. I was surprised that a few breeders do not deal with the Ankaramy locale because of their "lack of coloration" as compared to the other locales. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.;)
I love the Ankaramy locale (one is on my avatar). I have successfully bred and hatched Ankaramy and I am currently notating the differences with other locales. They are definitely one of my favorites.
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