Ankaramy pink joint / leg infection


My friend from Czech bought ankaramy pink females and after 2 weeks one developed enlarged joint on her right back leg and day later the joint was twice size and 3 days later whole legs looks infected. I advised him to use Fortaz (ceftazidime). I wonder if anyone has had similar problem and did cure it successfully. I attach pictures for better view of situation. Any help advice would be much appreciated.

Is it WC?

Usually with infections you need to have the area cleaned out properly (surgery) and flushed and then put the chameleon on antibiotics. These infections are apt to recur too. If it is just treated with an antibiotic it usually doesn't cure the infection.

There is another could be gout.
Thanks for reply. She is already dead. Necropsy showed that the knee was largely infected. Internal organ were ok but anyway she died withing 4 days of signs of leg infection. She was WC.
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