Ankaramy panther chameleons


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Anyone on here own any?or have any pictures of 3 month-6 month old pinks??
Do they colour up more slowly than the other locales?
Is the pink colouration,only visable when fired up??
the reason why i ask is that i have a young male and he seems to be very slow to show colour.

Any info/images would be great
Many thanks Luke.:)
I think he already shows beautiful pink colors!!

You can look at web site to see his current pictures of his breeding stock of A. Panthers. Maybe his shows more of a deeper pink tone and it could be due to the camera lighting...etc. but I would certainly be happy to own one that looks like yours!! Most important, he looks very healthy!!
How old is he and what is the name of the breeder that you get him from?

Lookin' pretty pink to me!
I'm sure that, as with other chameleons, his
color will intensify with age.

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