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In school I was assigned an animal research project. I picked my ambilobe chameleon. We went to the library to research and my teacher got mad because I didnt turn my computer on and I was writing stuff down. She thought I was making stuff up....So after I finished writing down all of the easy requirements for our research I just went on chameleon forums and my teacher kicked me out of the library and my animal:/ I had to start all of my research again and still i was the first one done. I guess its not fair because I chose eastern painted turtle. I have two babies:)
I think its insane that your teacher had a problem with real research as opposed to using a computer, thats just backwards Imo.
Provided you referenced sources and your information is correct, I fail to see how it matters, its not as if the internet is the only reliable source of information for anything.
I would have given you A+ for thinking for yourself and getting off your computer stool!
IMO most young teachers are just as clueless as the students they are 'teaching' these days. My own kids teachers, when asked a question about the subject at hand, were told 'I dont know, it just is!'. :D
That is a bit obnoxious. I would guess, by your description, however, that her annoyance wasn't based on not using the computer per say as on writing down stuff you knew already (vs. looking it up in hard copy and writing it down); I suspect the project goal was to expose you to How To Use The Library, How To Look Things Up, etc.
Hope you get full credit for your turtles!:p
#1 you have an absolutely horrible teacher... this is coming from someone who is DYING for a teaching job and has been searching for 2 years. But this is New Jersey, so that is a near impossible job to get right now. Keep in mind, I am a young teacher and I know of many young teachers looking for jobs who are not "just as clueless as their students". You kid's teacher probably got the job because they knew someone, not because they were a talented and passionate teacher, causing people like me to suffer and not be able to get a foot in the door (end of rant hahaha).

The fact that she got mad because you didn't turn on your computer to do research and used information you already know is outrageous. In my honest opinion, with the way the internet is now a days and how anyone can input information (Can we say "hello, wikipedia"?) you're better off going to books or information you already know. And for her to kick you out of the library and make you change your project... that's just absurd. I understand schools are huge on technology now a days, but for me personally, I'd rather kids go to the library, get an encyclopedia or some other reliable source that will give right information. What she SHOULD have done was listen to your side of the story, let you explain the forums (how they are all experienced chameleon keepers, etc) and allow you to continue with the project. The only issue with using the forums though is no one on here (that I am aware of) is a "well known" or "respected" author/researcher of chameleons, you know what I mean? So it would be hard to site the forums as a reliable source. But you should have been allowed to write what you know, then look it up in books/reliable internet sites to back up your information.

Either way, I hope you get an A+ on your turtle paper!
" Sorry Mr Wilson! " (Elementary kids voices in unison) :D
I shouldn't have said 'most', though I was referring to those here In Australia,
You won't consider relocating? :)
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Your choice of animal for your report was exciting for you and s/he should have talked to you before deciding you were messing around.
I teach elementary students but I do know that if any student is passionate about what they're studying, we should let them fly!!
Share your love of chams and turtles with your teacher, maybe s/he'll come around. Happy researching!
jojackson - if you can get a school to pay for me to move there, get me a house, and a nice paycheck, we will relocate asap hahaha.
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