Anbody Purchase From Screameleons And Have Pic's


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I just bought a cham from screameleons, one of Supernova's kids. I was wonder if anybody also has one of supernova's kids from screameleons and have pic's. I also wanted to see any cham's purchased from screameleons

I purchased a Panther Chameleon from Screameleons in Jan. 07, also from Super Nova. My Cham was born 10/13/06, his name is Hydro, I have posted some pictures of Hydro, but I don't know how to add them to the gallery. If you look under Hydro's mom you'll see some of his pictures. How old is your Cham? These guys are related! that's neat.
Yeah, It looks like they are related. Mine was also born 10-13-06. he is starting to show reds under his belly and blues in his face and the shoulder areas. However, he is VERY shy. I'm doing my best not to touch or bother him. :mad:

Have you seen any of Supernova's previous offspring? Is yours just as shy?

Yes, my guy is very shy, everytime I walk into the room he hides :mad: I'm trying to hand feed him, but it's going to take some time for him to get used to me putting my hand in his cage :( I'm yet to hold Hydro, I tried one time to feed him a silk worm and when he opened his mouth I thought he was going to bite me :eek: , so I just put the silkie on a branch :) , but I won't give up, I'll just keep on trying. Hydro is showing red under his chin, belly and some green/blue on his face and body, I can't wait for his full colours to come in. I haven't seen any of Super Nova's offspring.
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Both of you will not be disappointed. Vincent has hooked you guys up with some future doubt. So do not distress, be patient for the colors will come in time.

Shyness will go away as he becomes more used to you. He will notice "Big thing brings food" and come to eat. This relationship takes tiem however, and patience is the key. Unless, of course, you have a chameleon that just hates the world (there are some out there).
I have a Screameleon...

I have a baby Screameleon. I think he was born 10-23-07. He wont be held so I don't bother him about it. He has shed 3 times and gets more color each time but he is still mostly brown. He has grown a lot since I got him in January. I'll try to post up a picture or you can see the little avitar pic of Tiki.
Tiki picture

Here is a picture of Tiki. His dad is TMaxx from Screameleons.


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