Amy's Hatch-Day!

Miss Lily

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Amy hatched in February 2009 - I am not sure of the exact day, but at some time this month she will be two years old! I would like to share a few of my favourite photos from the past two years! Happy Hatch-Day Amy-Boo! Love you sweetie! :D

The day brought her home! She was 3 months old and so small!:D



and how she looks now at two years old!



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Oh, Tiff she's a beauty.

I love her pics looking at the camera!!

Hoping to get my little one soon. Making enquiries about a 3mnth old Nosey Be x Ambilobe male.

My enclosure setup is on here if you'd care to have a look. I value your opinion a lot!!!! :D

Miss Lily

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Thanks everyone! She is a beauty. although she's a bit of an 'Evil Edna' when she sees Tommy, my male! She won a Pet of the Month Competition on a UK forum back in September last year, so she's my little starlette! I love her to bits - she's the only chameleon that I have had from a baby, so she's extra special to me. :D


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Happy Hatch day sweet Amy. You are a star to all of us on the forum - just think of us as the AMY FAN CLUB!!


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Tiff she is such a gorgeous girl! My Delilah will be 2 years old sometime in August I believe, but i was given wrong information from the person I got her from, I'll just say its in August! :p

Happy Hatch Day Amy! ^_^ from Delilah, Darwin and all the eggs in the incubator and the rest of my crew :) oh and me too! :D


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Love those pictures, it is really cool to see Amy's life in a series. Really love the pic of her peeking over the branch. Happy hatch day to Amy and many more to come. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Lily

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Thanks everyone! It really has been a wonderful two years, Amy is such a sweetie and has so far only laid one clutch.:D She said a big 'Thank You' to all her fans for her happy hatchday wishes! xx
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