Amy is Rango!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
And here's the proof!

I have entered this in a competition on a UK forum - your entry had to feature your pet in a scene or title from a movie. I originally wanted to do Silence of the Chams, but that had already been used. My entry suddenly came to me tonight and I am very pleased with it! Fingers crossed now!
Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed that she gets through to the voting stage! :D Really don't know how it took so long to think of doing Rango! Duh! What else would I do?! Lol!
wow that is absolutly HILARIOUS! i say you get 10 stars outta 5 that is sooo funny make sure you let us know WHEN! you win
The results are in ......

.... and Amy's picture came joint 3rd! Well done to my sweet l'il green friend! :D Here is the picture once more - just because I love it, lol! :D

Thank you for your vote! Amy came joint third in the end. We won that competition back in September - the logo themed one.
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