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Hey guys its been awhile since i have chatted but if anyone remembers I have a female veiled that could not shoot her tongue. I made three trips to the vet with two opinions and nothing was working. necrosis set in the tongue pretty heavily and it was time I decided to put her down or pay to have it removed. well I am glad to say plumper is still with just without a tongue:( she is doing fine and is dependent on me every day for water and food and her antibiotic but the only hurdle I am worried about is she has eggs and in a proper egg lying enclosure but 40 days still has not laid them I am concerned with egg binding. I love my girl plump
I salute you for your dedication and not giving up. I hope the situation turns out OK. I'm sure wise members of this board would be able to give some pointers.
The balance may be that she may not want to lay, because of your constant interation with you. They become very private around laying time and do not want to disclose the location of their digging. A possibility among others to consider at least.

Liquid calcium may help induce the laying. Kinyonga suggests .3 CCs of liquid human calcium given daily.
I can NOT recommend that you to give her the calcium under the should check with your vet about it and listen to what he/she says. Please be aware that some antibiotics don't work well when given with change the pH level of the gut for one thing.

If I do this, (and I rarely do) I usually only give the liquid calcium for a two days....and ONLY if I'm very sure the chameleon is not eggbound and the timing is right. If she's eggbound, then it can/will cause big problems. You really need to know what you are doing if you do this...I don't want anyone to have a problem because they try please, consult a vet.

I would try to keep the handling to a minimum...feed and water and medicate her...and then leave her alone in between so she has as much time by herself to dig if she wants to without being disturbed.

Is she taking the insects and water from you willingly? Perhaps you can encourage her to hunt the insects on her own by holding them a little way away from her so she gets the idea that she has to chase them down. She might be able to learn to drink water from a dripper too....which would mean that you would only have to disturb her for the medication.

Good luck with her!
Kinyonga, thanks for posting with details, I was going to forward this thread to you this morning for commentary, but it seems you have happened upon it anyways. As far as what the situation appeared to be, I wouldn't consider it eggbinding yet, just sounds like she needed some encouragement, though I overlooked the dilemma of the Calcium and the medication.

Would food and feeder items not affect the stomaches PH at all?
thank you all for the input I have to syringe feed her ensure for a couple more days then will try crickets I give her 1cc of water and .32 of baytril for 5 more days I do not handle her any other times I also have some neocalclucon my vet told me .3cc every other day she said what is not absorbed will pass I have a picture of an x-ray if i can figure out how to attach i will thanks again


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I'm sure most foods affect the stomach's pH to some least temporarily/expectedly/normally...but calcium in larger doses than normal supplementing, I think would act like TUMS or any other product intended to buffer the acidity of the stomach...don't forget, I'm not a vet and this is just my own "take" on it.

Baytril and calcium...your vet would likely have taken this into consideration, but you can check with him/her to be sure...
"Regarding drug interactions, some pet health products, especially those containing mineral supplements like aluminum, calcium, iron and magnesium can interfere with proper absorption of Baytril."

"Do not use within 2 hours of giving antacids, sucralfate, or iron, aluminum,
calcium, or dairy products, as absorption will be decreased."

I hope your chameleon will make a good recovery and lay her eggs!
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