Ambilobe Check up!

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Chameleon - 7.5 month amilobe panther
Feeding - Im feeding him about 8 crickets a day gut loaded with oats, apples and carrots.
Supplements - I give him exo terra calcium with D3 every day and multi vitamin once a week.
Handling - 1-2 times a week
Watering - he has a homemade dipper, and i mist him about 4 times a day for 30 seconds
Fecal Description - brown/black with a white urate.
History - bought him off a local breeder.
Cage Type - 18,18,36 screen cage
Lighting - 5.0 uvb for reptiles, 100watt basking bulb
Temperature - ambient temp is about 70, basking temp is about 85-90, humdity is about 60%
Plants -i got 2 fake plants and a pothos and umbrella plant
Placement - hes in my room, about 3 feet of the ground.
Location - Mississauga, Ontario

Ive had him for about 2-3 weeks now and i think hes really settling in his new home :). as for shedding he shed the first day i had him and he hasn't shed since. how often should he be shedding at this age?


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I've had Maynard now for less than two months. He just had his 2nd shed on Monday. He enjoys lots of sunny days outside. Don't know if this makes a difference or not...


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the shedding will slow down little by little as they get older and then they will shed mostly in parts, like the tail, feet etc. There is not a set schedule of right and wrong for how they should shed. Most of us use the calcium with d3 twice a month. What brand are you using? some of the brands contain high levels of d3 and you definitely do not want to use that everyday. Use a plain calcium with no d3 at every feeding and get yourself a multivitamin to use bi monthly also.

do i dank

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i have exo terra calcium it is low in d3 and its recommended to be used almost everyday. should i be concerned with how dry he is? hes been like this for at least a week.


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Calcium w/o d3 - everyday
Calcium w/ d3 twice a month
Multivitamin - twice a month

Also you might want to change your 100w to a 60 watt house bulb because your basking spot is a little high. You want it to be in the low 80's. I have had my male panther for about 5 months and hes shed about 3 times. And I'm expecting it to be longer periods in between sheds.


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Calcium w/D3

I used calcium with D3 twice a week before swithcing to Repashy. i live in NJ and notice your are from Canada where we dont have the beautiful sun like in Cali or Florida so I think you would need D3 more than twice a month in this case.


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Alot of users stand by basking panthers at low to mid 80's. I've basked my panther at 88-89f for 4 months now and my guy doesn't puff up or gape. It may depend on the individual cham but if your animal is not being stressed under the conditions I think there is no need to change it. My Cham was really dark and would bask for very long intervals when I had a lower wattage bulb for him and it was about 82f.


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Recommendations on type and dosage of supplements is entirely dependant on each manufacturer's formulation.

You need to determine how much D3 is in your brand of supplement , then you determine how often to use it.

Does your vitamin use beta carotene as its source of Vitamin A. If it does , you may be headed for a Vitamin A deficiency issue.

Also keep in mind that most supplement formulations are made for all reptiles and not specifically for chameleons or more specifically for Panthers. The "one size fits all" mentality does not necessarily cover all the bases.
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