Ambanja Male - 1yr old - $250 Shipped

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Due to rising household costs (My car insurance has gone up, School tuition got raised, Health insurance premium went up) I have decided that it is time to trim down the personal pet collection, I simply can't personally afford them all at the moment and I would rather they went to a good home than see them get ill.

So for sale is wonderful, very healthy, and very large adult male Ambanja.

This lean eating machine loves to devastate your silk worm populations, and would relish in the idea of eating crickets 24/7. He doesn't care much for Dubia, but will snap hornworms from your fingers, making you wonder if he didnt take a digit along w/ the worm. He looks and feels light and lean, but he eats like a fatty. Kinda like those girls in highschool who ate cake but never got fat.

He will sit on your hand like a king, but when he wants to he can climb like a chimp on steroids. He has never bitten anyone in my household, though he prefers to be left untouched, unless of course you have food. He drinks water directly from the spray bottle like a baby puppy. A baby puppy with a heart like a v12 Lamborghini.

This stud is sired by Azure and comes from the lovely folks at Chameleons-North-West ( Though he looks like a nice guy, don't let him near the ladies, because you will become a grandparent if you let him.

He is perfection in every essence of the word, his only flaw are his nails, a few of which he broke climbing screen like a Viper would a racetrack. His grip is just fine though, and if you hold him it will make you wonder if you got a chameleon or a boa constrictor.

Pictured Below is the animal for sale, with the last picture being the sire Azure. Picture of Azure taken from the Chameleons-North-West website.




You can reach me at:

[email protected]
Forum Private Message (these will sadly be responded to the slowest, sorry)


If shipped, this animal will be shipped via fedex overnight. He will be packaged like a king, and you will be called to verify arrival. Yes, we love him that much.

Payment is expected before shipment, payments can be made via Paypal, or cash in person. Sorry, No checks/money orders/and sadly no nigerian inheritance money. Paypal or Cash only.

So-CAL RESIDENTS: will have the option of also purchasing his home and furnishings if they take the animal via pickup and cash. For an additional $100 you will get - :New Condition - 24x24x48 screen cage from LLLreptile (Rust Proof). Three (3) large exo-terra climbing vines. Four (4) pieces of drift wood ranging from medium-large sizes. One (1) 8inch heat dome w/ Zoo-med bulb. One (1) Exo-terra uvb fixture, Does not include bulb as that is ready for replacement.


This animal was raised by an animal loving family, he has been pampered and conditioned to be treated properly and like a king. As such, we reserve the right to refuse sale of the animal to anyone for any reason.

Reasons may include, but are not limited to: Inquirer being new to reptiles or chameleons in general. Inquirer being under the age of 18, or if under 18 seemingly lacking proper parent supervision to ensure proper care of the animal. Inquirer has notoriety on ChameleonForums ( for constantly reporting: Health/Care issues w/ animals, as well repeatedly showing improper care for animals.

PRICE REDUCED TO $225 Shipped. Price for local pickup is $200.

Hope to sell him this week! Also open to local non reptile trades! email me offers!
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