amazon milk frogs


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so i was hand feeding my guys and as usual accidently dropping crickets in the water. i went to pick up a cricket out of the water and noticed a little tad pole!!!! looked around the drift wood and i has babies!!!! super excited about these guys breeding. this is going to be a learning experience for me.


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Awww... How CUTE! I have been wanting my Fire Bellies to breed but i'll have to wait until next spring. It must be so exciting!:D
No, it's just the time they breed, breeding season. I don't want to go through all of the trouble of artificially changing the temps to mock the season change. I also don't know the sex's of them so i'll just have to wait. :)
That is so cool!

My son really likes those and they are on his wish list for some time when the opportunity presents itself.

Can you describe or show another pic or two of your setup and care?
batteries charging for the camera :( honestly they are absolutely a beautiful frog. very easy to care for. i have them in a 29g tank with a screen top. half land and half water. small starts of plants (umbrella, moss, wondering jew, pathos, purple queen, few different air plants). couple pieces of bamboo. a piece of drift wood in the water. plant lights on for 8 hours. kept at room temp 72-74*, lightly dust crickets every feeding. i usually skip dustings here and there. manually spray terrarium completely everyday. i personally hand feed 3 of them everyday. 1 of them just wont eat from tongs so she free ranges crickets in terrarium. really wish she would though. she lacks in size compared to the rest of the group because of it. as adults they eat anywhere from 4-8 large crickets a day. i cant think of anything else atm. ill get you some pics tomorrow.
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