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I have a 3 inch Vieled Chameleon (assuming due to size approximately 2 months old) who my roommates and I lovenly call "Moe." Well, accept my roommates three year old who calls him "Rainbow." Anyway, before I tell you my current setup I want you to know that here in the next month I plan on building a bigger cage for him. I will be making a large one for indoors that will consist of safe live plants as well as one for outdoors when the weather is really nice so that he can have some natural sunlight. He joined the house on Saturday the 5th.

Right now he is a medium sized exoterra terrarium. I like him in that set up right now as I can find him easily enough and make sure everything still looks fine. The cage is misted atleast two times a day, at times one or two more times if I notice that the humidity level in the cage has dropped below what I feel is a comfortable level for him. He has two "sunlight" lights meant for daytime that gives him UVA and UVB as well as heats up his cage. At night I have a light that I put on meant for nighttime use that I turn on so that his cage doesn't cool off to much at night. It gives off a red glow and doesn't bother him. As soon as the daytime lights are turned off and the nighttime light is turned on his eyes are closed and he doesn't move again until you turn the daytime lights back on. All three lights were bought in the reptile section, I just forgot the brand.

Feeding at this time is crickets. There were no worms for sale at the time I got him so I need to go look for some my next day off at work. I dust the crickets at least once a day with Herptivite. I was told that this is all he will need but doing more research it seems I was told wrong. I will be going to the store to get the calcium supplement you all say is needed. The crickets are "small" sized and are kept in a cricket cage where I feed them Fluke's Orange Cube cricket diet. We put the crickets in a small tupperware on the bottom of the terrarium for him. Although I haven't actually seen him eat, I know the crickets disappear and my roommate has seen him eat once. He also drinks when we mist the terrarium so I know water is not an issue.

Handling is just 5 or 10 minutes a day so I can get a real good look at what his overall condition is. I also do it in hopes that later on in his life he won't mind being held and won't act overly aggressive when I attempt to move him from his enclosure. As far as the future enclosure's go, the bigger one will be the inside one and the plans are still in work. It will be a suitable chameleon enclosure. I fully intend to care for Moe at the best of my ability and do my best to give him everything he needs. This is why I am writing this. I would like to know if there is anything I am overlooking. If you can think of anything, please let me know. Thanks ahead of time.
Hello and welcome to the chameleon forums. Congrats on your new baby. I have three veileds: Luie, Camille and their baby Elly. My veileds are such a pleasure to keep. Below I'm attaching my blog for new keepers. I hope you will find it helpful. It will show you everything you need along with links to pictures and where you can buy, to keep your new pet healthy and happy.
Thanks for the link, or should I say links. We did end up putting a bigger tuperware container in the cage because the crickets kept escaping. Hopefully they won't escape it and he has a better chance of nabbing them before they "run".
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