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1. If im going to have an 100 gallon all mesh reptarium what are all of the most effective ways and tricks to creating and holding humidity.

2. My chameleon is only about 6 months so if I put the amounts of plants she is using right now will okay despite the large cage


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Too keep humidity up I like to use a garbage bag on the sides and backs of my cages. This helps a little keep humidity up and stops water from spraying on the walls and other items near your cage when misting.
Yeah im using a room humidifer just for the cage and will use for the 65.

Should I worry about my cham crawling to far away from his plants on the walls


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yes that is fine! I actually house my cham indoors in a 36 X 30 X 18 cage. I put him in that at 4 months and he is now going on 15 months and he still has enough room. I have to say though I have a free range on my patio for him and a large outdoor cage he spends more of his time in. If the indoor cage was the only cage he would live in I probably would have constructed something larger. Many memebers house their adults in the the 24 X 24 X48. Your 5 month old will have plenty of room in that.
yeah IM thinking I should upgrade to that. If i get the 24 x 24 x48 what wattage should I get for the flourescent and basking lights( I have 2,,one for ceramic heater to humidify air and a normal halogen?

Also what are your thoughts on neodymium lights?


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Honestly I cannot comment on nothing I know about! Most of us on here use the Reptisun 5.0 linear tube lights and we all have zero issues with these lights. You only need one and then a dome for basking bulb. Just use a housebulb like a 60 watt. You don't have to spend the money on any of those fancy basking lights. As far as the ceramic heater, unless your temps are gonna dip into the low 50's you really will not need the heat.

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I upgraded my male panther to his adult cage when he was 10 months old. He was in a 16x16x24 when he was little. Now he is in a 24x24x48. This will be the size he will stay in for the rest of his days. Just us a 5.0 Repti-Sun tube bulb and a 60 watt house bulb like carol said. That is enough. But dont worrie about his cage till he is about 10 months.


I also put trash bags wrapped around the outsides of the cage to keep my humidity up. By doing that I was able to eliminate live plants from the cage (I kept having gnat problems) and still have optimal humidity. On one of my other indoor cages, I got a shower curtain from the dollar store and wrapped it around the side (all black). I also did that cause my cages are side by side and I didn't want to stress my chams out.


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I have used a 24x24x48 as early as 3 months for my veil. My male ambilobe was about 4 months when he got his. I don't believe in the stigma that young chams need small cages because they can't find their food. If this were the case, baby chams would never survive in the wild. But I did cup feed more when they were younger, but now they are a bit older, most feeders are free ranged. If you're going to upgrade, might as well be their permanent home. Save a little money and stress hehe.


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another suggestion for the sides would be clear plastic... when I was younger I worked at a furniture store, and they wrap everything in plastic. I'm sure if you went to a local furniture store and hit up the back warehouse they could get you a "chair bag" (sized for a kitchen chair etc.). I just like to think that my guy still enjoys the sun and the ability to look around.
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