air fresheners?


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Are there any air fresheners that are safe to use around reptiles? I just bought one of those lysol automatic airfresheners that gives of a burst of spray every 30 minutes. I'm using it because my room is starting to smell a little musty from the humidity of the cage. I clean it weekly by changing the substrate and wiping down the plants. Also whenever I see poop, I clean it up right away and get rid of any dead insects. I have to make sure everything smells good or my parents say I'll have to get rid of my cham. That's why I'm asjing if anyone has used any air freshener products or anything that kill odor causing bacteria. Please let me know. Oh yeah, I put the air freshener way on the other side of the room, away from my cham. Also faced it away from her.
You should be fine with an air freshener provided that your chameleon is not breathing it in concentration. If you plan to switch to an open air enclosure the smell will disappear or be greatly reduced.
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