After a long time and a dead plant... (Pics)


I haven't been here in a very long time, so I thought I would update.

Well, the original schefflera finally died, or at least lost almost all of its leaves. I think that it flooded. Anyway, I got another big schefflera for Napoleon's cage today (it was cheap again: only $7) and arranged everything so water runs from the dripper into a shallow bowl that I can empty whenever it fills (this used to be his feeding bowl when he was smaller).

I would try to get better pictures of his majesty for you, but I thought I should give him a few days to adjust to the new setup before taking him out. Sorry about the glare on the third one, but I wanted to try to show his cool colors.

He's having a great time exploring the new plant and hunting down his crickets. :)


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Try using a dual linear lamp fixture. Home Depot or Lowe's has a dual 24" T8 fixture. If you can find a T824" 6500K lamp, use it along side a T8 24" Zoomed Reptisun. you will not have plant issues.


Try using a dual linear lamp fixture. Home Depot or Lowe's has a dual 24" T8 fixture. If you can find a T824" 6500K lamp, use it along side a T8 24" Zoomed Reptisun. you will not have plant issues.

Cool, thanks. I only got the one I have because I couldn't find any for T8s at Home Depot or Lowe's, but maybe they could order something if they still don't have any in the store. I'll look at the price and if nothing else I could buy another of the same fixture and a 6500k lamp (I've had no issues with the fixture and the price was great). The one I have is a 24" 5.0 Repti Glo, to specify. I haven't been able to find 5.0 Reptisuns in stores (I know where to get them online), and it will still be a while until I need to switch.

I really think the main issue was that too much water was going straight from the dripper into the plant, but a light certainly wouldn't hurt. I was thinking about it anyway, but my parents kept insisting it wasn't necessary :p

Edit: Thanks for the excuse to go get a plant light. xD
You will have issue finding the 6500K lamp in Lowe's or HD.... BUT you can order the ZooMed NatureSun, which is a rebranded Reptisun 2.0. So if you are shopping online and don't see the NatureSun, just get the 2.0.

They aren't that cheap.... but finding the 6500K at online lamp stores, and then shipping, your looking at about the same price. :eek:

If it is a water issue add sand to the dirt mix next time. I never have issues with too much water, and I mist a lot, so I am leaning more toward the lighting being an issue. I used to have plants die left and right due to the lack of proper lighting... not anymore :D


Ok, thanks a lot. :) I mixed gravel into the lowest levels of the soil to help with drainage (I've never known Napoleon to eat dirt, but none of the gravel is even nearly exposed). There's a very good chance you're right.

If the Reptisun 2.0 would work, that's cool. I actually know a nearby store that has them, and the price isn't bad. They also have the 10.0, just not the 5.0, of course. :rolleyes: Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding.


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For the lights, if you go to any industrial lighting supplier you can get both the bulbs and fixtures easily and cheaper than HD/Lowes usually.

I got 2 double bulb 3' slimline adjustable fixtures + 4 3' 6500K blubs for $60 at my local supplier. the bulbs were only $3 a piece and the fixtures $25.

the only catch is that they come hardwired, so you must install a plug yourself. This can be intimidating but its rather easy and you can buy a plug and lamp wire from most anywhere for less than $2.


The fixture only cost something like $8, so I might just get a second one. I'll be studying it a little bit before next week's pay day.

Thanks though. :) I don't know of any hardware stores around here anyway. :eek: We mainly have farming equipment stores, chain stores, and corn fields. :rolleyes:
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