African Red Trapdoor Spider


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One mean mo-fo


Yeah he does look mean. Would not want to stick my hand in that sucker terrarium that is for sure.
trapdoors are fun. We used to sell them at the pet store that i work at, but stopped when everyone was scared to muck with them:)
Oddly enough spiders creep me out, but these things intrigue me. It’s quite nervous/aggressive – you touch one hair on it and it goes ballistic and it’s somewhat venomous too - get bit and I will most likely have a bad week. I wanted some threat posture photos so I gently poked it with some tongs – it jumped on the tongs several inches from my hand – just about sh!t my pants. I could feel my heart beating like crazy. Don’t get that kind of excitement with chams.

It has made its burrow so I most likely will only see its legs pop out when it feeds.

I don’t plan on getting more – just a one time deal – and one is plenty.

"Don't get that kind of excitement with chams."

You should stick your hand in my female veileds cage.
You should stick your hand in my female veileds cage.

Understood, at least veileds arent venomous though.

On a side not, I found its trap door. I through a few crix in and it snagged one. Its placement of the burrow was pretty smart. It burrowed in a corner and we all know how crix like to travel around the edge of containers to look for a way out. So at some point they come across that trap door - then they are all done.

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