Adult male chamelon (free, local So Cal pick up only)

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Meet Jager.

He's a healthy male veiled chameleon, a little over a year old. I'm very fond of him but I want to make room for a new breeding project and would like to make him available to a forum member looking for a pet or breeder.

He is healthy though he is missing some spikes on his back due to a burn he got before I got him. That is completely healed and causes no problem for him. He's a great eater, he does hand feed or cup feed easily. (I have mostly hand fed him.) I have been feeding supers and dubias mostly, with crickets, silkworms and hormworms as well. He loves hornworms.

When you open the door to his cage he comes walking out like he rules the world and will then let you handle him. He loves to be out of his cage and depite having a very large free range area he will just wander off to go exploring. (I think he's looking for a ladyfriend).

I am offering him only, no cage. I won't ship so he's only a great deal to anyone local - Orange County/Southern Cali.

Please contact me with any questions.



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