?? about mealworms ??

Mealworms have a high chitin (outer skin) content and do not make good feeders for chams. If you overfeed them then you may risk the cham becoming impacted as the outer shells are difficult to digest. They may, however, be fed as treats - my female veiled loves them, but she only gets a couple ocassionally and I only give her the newly moulted white ones.
Try to get dubia roaches, crickets, and superworms instead of mealworms! or if can some horned and silk worms! They are much better than mealworms because of the fact mentioned by Miss Lily.
Also, dont forget to gut-load the feeders properly and dust lightly with Ca without D3 vit every feeding, with D3 2/month and vitamins 2/month about. If you search here for dusting schedule im sure you gonna find some useful info.
Good luck! :D
I am a new chameleon owner but so far I have found mealworms to be very useful for feeding once a week to deliver whatever additional supplement is needed. It seems to me that the best thing to do with feeding your chameleon is to feed it crickets every day dusted with calcium, and then once a week feeding it a few mealworms dusted with whatever supplement is needed on that day, either vitamins or calcium with D3.
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