A time of elation and celebration!!!!!


Everyone I have moved my adult female veiled Cham dizzy into her new home as her previous owner clearly didn't care!! She deserves this bigger enclosure which I have modified and is one of the best creations iv ever made. I use this forum via iPhone and unsure how to upload pictures???
If anybody is interested in seeing my cage I have two vids on utube called reptibreeze by dropanuke. Please check them out
I have no idea how he uploaded the video but I had spent 15 minutes trying to locate it!! Excellent job on her new home. I live in a very cold part of the US so I have the same temperature issues you have. Currently in your terms it is -14 C or in my temps it is 6 F. Either way it is way cold. Hope to see the finished viv with your girl in there.
I am sure your cham is very happy in the new home, but if I could make a suggestion...it would be to remove the substrate in the bottom. Your cham could injest it and with it getting wet all time it will more than likely mold and breed bacteria. Leave it bare, or put papertowels. Much more sanitary!
It's very fine playpit sand and sand doesn't mold the same as sand on the beach doesn't mold, it is there to because sand reflects light better than foil and holds warmth. She won't ingest it due to only wanting to be fed by hand. She also dislikes crickets and she needs the sand due to being female as when they lay eggs they apparently need something to lay them in.
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