A short rant!


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Hey there! On the local online classified adds there are always people begging for free reptile/cham supplies. This drives me NUTS! Oh, please, give me bla bla bla as I just got a new bla bla and need something or other desperately... What is with these people!? Hello, I'm so & so, a not for profit reptile rescue that is in need of free supplies to house and feed all the "rescues"(read as free pets) I have and can't afford to take care of. What? Great rescue! Take free animals in as a "rescue" only to starve them in incorrect enclosures! What kind of rescue is that? How do they pay for vet care if they can't afford to simply house & feed? I just don't get it. There... I feel better. Cheers!


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Those clasifieds are around here too. Drives me nuts, too;) Most of the animals at these "rescues" need rescued. My sisters neighbors just "rescued" four horses now they are going around begging the whole community for supplies. Then heard they are "rescuing" more. I don't hate rescues, actually many are great by why take on animals that you dont have the time or money to care for.:mad: Sorry, but I've been ranting this the last few days.


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People who just expect that society owes them something. They are playing on others' sympathy and ignorance to bail them out of a bad decision. Instead of supporting an existing "rescue" they want to justify keeping their own personal petting zoo.


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it's people that care too much and then figure they don't know what they are doing or getting into... happens all the time


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ya i see them all the time..i rescued a chinese water dragon from a friend that he attemped to "rescue"..apparently he hardly ever fed her or gave her fresh water..all they really need are some gutloaded crickets and clean water!! shes the easiest lizard ive ever cared for, and now she is bright as hell and just shed like 2 years of built up shed off..hand feeds, drinks, tame as can be..i just dont get it..dont rescue a lizard you cant really rescue!!
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