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had a visit to a local pet store, went to pick up my butterworms i had ordered, on arrive to my suprise i find 2 chameleons in a considerably small enclosure for two 5 month old panther cham's. On further inspection inside the viv, i saw several dead crickets, no sign of any water or misting (humitidy was on 8%), both chams in the space of 5 mins where taking visits to the bottom of the viv, one had its left eye closed but was seen feeding. I felt so sorry for these guys i wanted to bring them home. Makes u think about the lives our cham's have compared to these guys. I still feel like im gonna go in and purchase these chams and give them a better home. Im just so happy that my little girl hasnt got to suffer what these little guys have to

Jamie, most of us have been there - some choosing to rescue, but it is not recommended. I got my first tarantula that way and also rescued 3 anoles from a Petcx and could never get them back to peak health so shipped them to my mom in FL and had her release them - yes some objections there too...

As difficult as it is, purchasing them only says to the pet store "gee, someone bought these, we should order more!" Whereas if they die in their care (I know, it's an awful thought) they might hesitate to continue.

The best thing you can do is to try to have a non-combative conversation with a manager and if that does not work, or they are not responsive, then write a letter AND contact a local herp vet (preferable ARAV certified) and Herp Society about your concerns.

You are right. It really sucks to see what goes on. The funny thing is that those of us who keep herps of any sort are always drawn to the reptile dept. in pet stores. I rarely use them, but there is a small, local chain (and ridiculously expensive) store I occasionally buy a dozen or so crickets from. It's like I am being pulled to the herp dept. but at the same time know it is not a good idea. However, I do have conversations with workers on the need for more moisture, or whatever the case is.

We can be thankful for ourselves and all our fellow forum members, keepers who DO give a sh*t about these so-called "cold blooded" animals.

Please do not buy them, but please DO write a letter, have a conversation or make necessary phone calls. If you have trouble trying to figure out who to contact post your city and state here and we will all lend a hand.

Sorry so long, but I just put all my guys and girls to bed and then read your post - with tears :(

I went to the petshop the other day and there was a veiled mixed with some senegals and flapnecks that were all sub adult ages in a 29G tank! I was surprised that they got along and all had good colors.
Sad story indeed. Please, do make your voice heard and contact the appropriate people in the appropriate order that Lele spoke of. If the cham does die, do not let it be in vain. Hopefully your conversation with the Manager will prove fruitful, and you won't have to take the next step. Good luck!
Do not buy them. This supply and demand (even though meant to save and help them) is what keeps the stores bringing in these poor dears (it is kinda like buying the puppy mill puppy from the pet stores because we feel sorry for them). Do not buy but DO CALL;) .
I have done this twice at our local big box pet store, because of similair situations. I first talked with the manager. Then with the next level up. In this store anyway they were supposed to be doing HOURLY checks. At the first chain I know that 2 regular employees were let go:D . And they actually have a very passionate guy and a very educated gal in the reptile area full time now (several other people complained as well).
At the other store it is always more of the same.:( So with local friends we have stopped purchasing ANYTHING and all spoken directly to the managers as to why. I have another friend who stops in occasionally to see whats up...and in the past 9 months they have only kept corn snakes and pacman frogs...no Chams or geckos. Good luck, I know the tempation is strong, I brought home two bug infested guinea pigs with URI's a few years ago:( They were short lived and miserable...but my goodness just a few weeks later there were some more miserable little ones in the store to take their place. Okay, I am off my soap box now.:eek:
No DO NOT BUY THEM!!!! No matter how bad you feel, you have to talk to the manager and try to fix the situation or make a statement. Buying them will just help them get rid of them in order to make more money. Take the proper steps, and don't buy them. Good luck.
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