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My name is Andy, I live in San Diego Calif. I just got a Mountaim Chameleon (I think i have spelled the name correct) In any event was wondering if you may know any starter advise, as far as UV levels, and JUST hgow much heat they may need, as i hear they need very little heat. Iv held your ear and eyes for long enough, and hope to hear from you. My email is [email protected] Thank you, and have a snapppy day......
Hi Andy,

I have not heard of a chameleon species that goes by that name. Can you post a picture of your cham so we can figure out what it is? Congrats!

Hello andy, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :D

I have seen a few mountain chameleons in person, but never any captive bred animals. Where did you obtain it? They are beautiful chams. I have zero experience with them, so I will point you to adcham: Chamaeleon montium. There are also some pictures there. From listening and reading I do know they require a cooler temperature and very high humidity levels.

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