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Hello there!

I'm new and I was looking for some help on improving my Chameleon's diet. Currently I feed him crickets every day. I try my hardest to offer the crickets a supply of some vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers to help 'gutload' them. However, I was wondering if first of all this is a healthy gutloading regime, and secondly, what other insects you recommend I offer my Chameleon.

I live in Oakville, Ontario, so any information on where I could buy the recommended insects would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for that info,

I'll make sure to be there! I just checked out their website and they have a great selection of insects at great prices (Super Pet sells silkworms for $1 EACH!).

I noticed that Canadian Silkworms also sells a pre-made cricket gutload. Would this be nutritious as a gutload, or should I continue to feed them vegetables instead?


(P.S. do you know where I could purchase a drip system? I think it would really make my Chameleon happier, as I only mist the cage currently.)
Pet Smart carries a dripper called "The Big Dripper" and they work very nicely. I believe it is mad by Trex, but I cant see mine from where I am sitting... :|

Anyways, There is a difference between a gut load, and cricket food. Cricket food grows and sustains your crickets, this can be commercial, homemade or fruits and veggies. The gutload from Canadian Silkworms is great, you are meant to feed it to your crickets just before you feed them to your reptiles. So, you take the cricket food away for a day, let them go hungry, and then let them gorge immediately before feeding.
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