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So I kind of haven't been able to think of anything except chameleons. I don't even have one right now anymore, but planning for my next, etc has had me with nothing else on my mind.
So tonight my daughter asked me to paint her face (I kind of do that amateur, for fun) and so of course I said "I want to try a new chameleon design!" so I had her flip through some pictures and she chose GT3 from Screameleons as our model. It came out a little crazy looking for a face, but not terribly far of from our model picture, which also looks a little crazy clown-ish! Haha.
I don't know how to post a pic from my phone camera, but when I get them onto my main computer I'll load them up for you guys. :)
some pics for you Mitsio fans...

Here are some pictures of it, if anybody was interested.


  • GT3 facepaint.jpg
    GT3 facepaint.jpg
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  • GT3 facepaint profile.jpg
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Here are some pictures of it, if anybody was interested.

I love it!! And I can definitely relate to being obsessed with chameleons. It's an addiction! My students (I'm a middle school teacher) have to look at cham pictures every day - and they have to act interested or they will have to look at more and more of them. lol :D
thanks, guys. :)

Didn't come out too bad, considering when I sat down I had no clue how I was going to make a people face shaped like a chameleon face. lol.
I think it's cute. I just made it my new avatar picture.

Now I just need to find a couple hundred people who want to pay me to paint their face like that, and they can buy me a new chameleon... ;)
Holy Smokes, I thought Marylin Manson had bought a Cham! :D

The eyes on the eyelids really did it 'Halloween' LOL

Fun though eh. :)
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