a little kinyongia romance:)

too bad the light had just gone out, I didnt wanna turn it back on and possibly give them any unneeded stress. cool pic tho!

thanks so do I!:) wish I could have taken it with more light and a non iphone camera, like a chris anderson pic lol, then Im sure it'd be first place in one of those contests:)


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Those two are definitely amazing looking animals. The female came to me already super nice. The male came in a group of 4.2 that were in terrible shape. All but 2.0 died within the first day or so, one DOA. Long story. He was the nicest one.

what the hell is all over his head? lol and is he the one I have now? if so, he must have rubbed a little bit of the tip of his nose off since then


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Yeah that is him. I did notice his nose seemed a little more rubbed down after I had him. Water was on his head. I have more pics of all the ones I got. They are pretty damn sad.
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