a few problems

im faster

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well nalu as seemed weird today.. he keeps falling.. he catches hims selff most of the time... he has falle about 10 times.. in his cage.. and his poop is runny

he was drinking earlyer so i dont think he is dehydrated.. and he is eating fine

his grip is very strong...
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Do you still have him in the tree setup? Does he have better access to water than he did? Is he eating well? Sleeping during the day? What are his basking and ambient temps? Is he still exposed to your other jackson constantly?
well i post a pic of the set up
1 baskig bulb one uvb bulb little dripper..
i live in hawaii so the temp in my room is 75-80
only white thats all i see.. i just fed him another crix he ate it like he is fine...
everuthing seems healthy but he keeps falling..

not sure how he falls ill wtch and see
Do you still he him in the tree setup? yes but he is in the cage

Does he have better access to water than he did?
yes i mist the cage and have a little dripper

Is he eating well?
yes eating normal

Sleeping during the day?
never he is very active

What are his basking and ambient temps?
baskig 85ish
amb. 75-80

Is he still exposed to your other jackson constantly?
yes they are sticks and no... he falls off of everyting screen sticks plants... habe see him fall yet this evening so hopefully he is better
Are the sticks painted green? Cage frame painted? Possible lead around? Kryptonite? (sorry, I couldn't resist the last one. )
i think its more of a stain.. but they have been in the cage for months and never had a problem with him or my other cham. yes but the cage is made for chameleons i dont think they would paint with anything bad for them.no lead.

he is opening his mouth alot...even when the lights are off i dont belive he is to hot.. i dunno hes seems to be doing etter today.. ill keep you up dated
If he is doing any open mouthed breathing, then he needs to be taken to a vet. This is a sign of an upper respiratory infection (along with a few other ailments). These infections are nothing to mess with and usually by the time they start showing signs, the infection is pretty well advanced. The falling and weird pooping just helps confirm that something is not right with his health.

Please, don't delay medical treatment for your guy.
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