A few pictures for Trace!


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I love these little chameleons..

Jane Wayne:

Her mouth and snout have healed up completely. There is a bit of scarring on her mouth, but I still think she is beautiful! The 2 spots on her side are from rounds of injected Baytril. I think one more shed will clear them up. :p She continues to get rounder.. I thought she would have dropped babies a while back.

Sadie Girl:

She is just so pretty! :rolleyes:

Prince Pierre the Turd who won't sit still for a picture:

A few of Sadie's babies:

Trace, I missed this little fellow. This is the only one of the 13 that doesn't have the black spot on his/her throat.

This is the same chameleon as in the top baby picture.

And, just because I like the picture:

A CB F1 male brev.


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i like the colors of the male i am guessing there elliots or rudis am i close?


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Oh, I am sorry, I never said, did I? :eek:

Yes, they are Elliot chameleons. The coloration (locale?) is orange, but they are awfully blue to me. I am not sure what the difference is between these guys and the blue coloration. Maybe I should buy a trio and find out.. :D


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Ya know, when I see pictures like that last one of the brev it just kills me that I don't have a decent camera for close-ups. :mad: Fantastic shot of such a small subject! Keep up the good work



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They are really looking good. Even Jane Wayne and all her scars. And the babies look fantastic. Cute little boogers. I'm happy that some of my collection is in good hands. Is the trio still co-habitating nicely?

The brev... meh. Well you know how I feel about them.

Thanks for the pics Heika! :) Always appreciated here.
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