A few of the boys


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These are a few shots of F1 male brevs.. getting big!

This little male is the only one that I have that has any red in him.



And, a picture of one of the adult males, father of the reddish male:

Thanks, Jamie.

I am not real sure how common blue eyes are for brevs, but both of my adult males have them. Startling in that picture, though!

Heika, those guys are so cool! Esp. Dad! I changed out the paper towels and cleaned the critter keeper today, and after I put the chams back, "Spot" put on some very lichen-y colors. I think I need to move "Stripe" to another container; I think he would eat more, and Spot wouldn't feel the need to show off as much, if I moved him. I haven't noticed their eye color....I'm looking hard at Roo's red babies, though....too cool!
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